Amble Ramble 2009

Sunday, 14th June 2008
On a hot day, nearly 100 members took part in our CG to Pegsdon and back Amble Ramble in an effort to raise money for the CG £150k Challenge.
The first party (mainly the more mature and rotund members) set off at 9.15am on this arduous 14-mile hike.
Oldies and Fatties, warmed up and ready to roll!
Val Bacon, wife of Rasher, takes her beach bag on tour - the bag included a lilo, blow-up canoe, windbreak and two bottles of water.
The first stop at three miles and everyone is still feeling sprightly.
Val and Angela look for a place to powder their nose!
The Fat Lads team reach the halfway point, but then disappear
into the pub for two hours.
Elives lookalike, Craig Penman shows off the results of his
Charles Atlas Bodybuilding Corresponence course.
He obviously did not have the strength to open the envelope.
Up the hill, but not over the hill as these members stride out.
The youngsters showing the oldies how to do it!
Back at the Club everyone takes a well-earned rest.


Totals have yet to be finalised but everyone involved hopes that we make at least £2,000 for the fund.
The walk was superbly organised by Reg Freeman and Maureen Bowler, refreshments on the walk were supported by John Thomas, Liz Shepherd, Tony Talbot and refreshments served back at the Club by Liz and Les Shepherd, Tony and Pat Talbot.
The Club would also like to thank the following for generously donating prizes for the raffle: Maureen Bowler, Ian Freeman,
Jon Freeman, Reg Freeman, Dee Patel, Nilesh Tailor and
Tony Talbot
Thanks must go to all who took part in the walk, those terrific members at CGSSC and friends, relatives and workmates who have generously sponsored us.
The final total will be advised as soon as possible.

Thanks to the following for taking part in the walk:
Bacon, Martyn
Bacon, Val
Bates, Jackie
Bates, Ron
Bates, Scott
Bowler, Maureen
Bowler, Michelle
Falciola, Vic
Farmer, John
Freeman, Angela
Freeman, Glen
Freeman, Ian
Freeman, Jon
Freeman, Reg
Freeman, Sandra
Goodrich, Colin
Hennessy, Richard
Hough, Barbara
Hough, Richard
Kehoe, Shaun
Leonard, John
Leonard, Tina
Magill, John
McGarry, Bill
McGarry, Molly
Moran, Nora
Oatham, Alan
Padgett, Dave
Padget, Jeannette
Padgett, Lee
Penman, Craig
Piggins, Denise

Piggins, Andy

Price, Anthony
Rowlatt, Adam
Rowlatt, Nick
Sharp, Brian
Shepherd, Les
Talbot, Pat
Truscott, Dave
Truscott, Mrs
Willis, Julie

Bill McGarry Manager, Crawley Green U17 Girls
My Under 17 Girls were the largest player attendees from the club.
It is a pity that more of the footballers did not take part as it is for them that we are trying to raise money.
A fantastic day and one that should be repeated.
Youth Entrants
Chantelle Oliaya
Maggie Olaiya ( Mum )
Ellen Betts
Nicole Robinson
Milly Abdullah
Trisna Patel
Mr & Mrs Patel ( Trish's Mum and Dad )
Kelly Kerrigan
Tiffany Jonston
Emma Bradley
Molly McGarry

I was sponsored by Jamal Abdulah (Milly's Dad) for £100.
Trish has raised approximately £200.
Everyone else paid £5 to walk.
It's a shame all the other squads didnt get involved it would have really made a fantatsic day of an already fantastic day.

Bill McGarry Crawley Green Under 17 Girls Manager

John Magill, former Vice-Chairman
A superb day out, great company on the walk, the fantastic way the Club looked after us upon our return, we need to do it again!

A comprehensive list will be placed here when the full entrants are known.



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