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Friday, 05 April 2004

Tony Talbot, Chairman

On the 24th February I told members to expect some terrific news. Well today I can inform you that the FA have given us a massive grant of £286,315 which will be spent on reconstructing new changing rooms, building a new lecture room, new kitchen, office and meetings room. This scheme will go hand in hand with the grant received by Ashcroft High school to install a new third generation all weather pitch.

Planning consent has already been approved, we have met with the Council this week to discuss one or two minor problems and the steering committee will meet next week to draw up buildings regs and send out to tender.

This grant will enable us to further enhance the facilities to encourage youngsters to start their football careers at Crawley Green.

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Official FA press release

Grass roots football in Bedfordshire got another boost today with the announcement of a massive £286,315 from the UK’s largest sports charity, the Football Foundation.
The cash bonanza will allow the Luton based Crawley Green Sports and Social Club to start construction on a state of the art pavilion. Their Crawley Green Road site will soon house six new changing rooms for male and female players and two for match officials, alongside social areas and fully inclusive spectator facilities.
The funding will establish Crawley’s place as one of the leading junior clubs in the area, providing regular football for over 340 players of all ages and abilities. An emphasis will be placed on creating more opportunities for new players and the club expect membership to increase by over 100. Links will also be formed with the nearby Ashcroft High School who were also recipients of a £354,950 grant from the Foundation to fund a new artificial pitch and install pitch drainage at their site. Club members and pupils will share both facilities, ensuring maximum usage both during and after school.
The Foundation is dedicated to revitalising the grass roots of the game, constructing modern football facilities, developing football as a force for social cohesion and as a vehicle for education in communities throughout the country. Funded by the Premier League, the Football Association and the Government, the Football Foundation is the nation's largest sports charity with £93 million already invested into the heart of football.
Peter Lee, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation welcomed this latest grant for Bedfordshire:
"It’s fantastic that money from the top of the game is now being used to invigorate the grass roots and our congratulations go to all concerned with Crawley Green Sports and Social Club for this excellent project. All communities deserve the type of facilities that will soon be on display at Crawley Green Road Recreation Ground."
Tony Talbot, Chairman of Crawley Green Sports and Social Club said:
"This is fantastic news and is a tribute to the hard work put in by everyone involved at the Club. This award will help the Club continue to act as a focal point for the community, and the new facilities will be the forefront of further improving the quality and quantity of football."

FA support CG with massive grant

The Club is pleased to announce that they have received a massive grant of £286,315 from the Football Association.
Ian Freeman, Secretary (above) says: "This is terrific news for Crawley Green and reflects the confidence the FA have in our football club. Over the last eleven years we have made enormous strides in the number of teams playing from the Club (29 in 2003-04 plus the nursery section), improved the quality and availability of football coaching, enhanced the capabilities of the managers, increased the changing facilities and encouraged the involvement of local people at all levels in the Club's structure.
"We are grateful to the Football Association for their continued support. We also recognise that this support is due in many respects to the tireless efforts of many people at CGSSC."
In particular, the Club would like to pay tribute to Tony Talbot, Chairman (above) for his outstanding work in the preparation of the planning application and business plans needed for the venture as well as giving everyone at Crawley the direction and ambition needed to strive for success. Tony has been the driving force behind the Club as it aims to provide the best coaching and football facilities in the area.
No lesser a role was played by John Doyle (Youth Development Officer) who has led the Club magnificently in the youth development programme which was so important in us qualifying for the funds. John has put in a tremendous amount of hours to improve the availability of coaching courses for youngsters and to provide the Club with better qualified coaches. John was instrumental in Crawley Green attaining the coveted FA Charter Mark Development Club and subsequently the prestigious Club in the Community Award - the highest our club can attain.
Also, we would like to show our appreciation to Mark Liddiard and Simon McQueen from the Football Association for recognising the progress made at Crawley and encouraging us to even greater endeavours. Also to Matt Wells of Luton Borough Council and Peter Brown (Beds FA) who have supported the application all the way through.
"The funds will be used in two ways. First, improved drainage to the pitches at Crawley Green and Ashcroft High School. This will enable the Club to make use of more pitches at weekends. Second, we will be able to improve quite substantially the changing facilities at the Club.
"At the same time Crawley Green hope to improve the social side of the Club by by building a new Playgroup area, installing a new kitchen, office and an auxillary room which can be used for complementing coaching courses by utilising up-to-date computer equipment.
"Who would have thought that when the Club started out thirteen years ago, we would have possibly one of the best football facilities in the south of the county. Great credit must go to every individual who has played his or her part in making the Club what it is today."



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